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Shortcut keys documentation page on how to define custom shortcuts here

See Petr's MoI page for a bunch of different scripts that can be assigned to shortcut keys to automate various tasks such as selection of certain types of objects, etc...

Default shortcuts:

Key        Command
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+CCopy to clipboard
Ctrl+VPaste from clipboard
Ctrl+XCut to clipboard

Mouse modifier keys:

Note that in MoI you do not need to hold down Shift to do multiple select, multiple selection is enabled just by default on regular clicks. You can deselect an already selected curve or face by clicking on it a second time, again no shift or control key is necessary for the regular case.

Ctrl+Drag can be used to duplicate an object, it will drag off a copy of the object.

Shift+Ctrl+Drag can be used to force a window selection. This can be helpful if your view is very full of stuff and you don't have an easily accessible empty area on the screen to click on which is the regular way to do a window selection.

Ctrl+click can be used for a "prefer deselection" mode, which will deselect a brep on a single click rather than drilling in, and will make a preference for targeting already selected curves in a dense scene, making it a bit easier to deselect things in some cases. (v2 only)

Alt works to suppress snapping while picking a point in a drawing command. If you are hitting too many snappable areas, press Alt and you will be able to place a point without the snaps kicking in.

The normal way to manipulate the view in MoI with the mouse is to use Right click for Rotate, Middle click for Pan, and the scroll wheel for zooming. But there are several alternative methods available for compatibility with a variety of other apps:

Alt + Left drag = Rotate
Alt + Shift + Left drag = Pan
Alt + Ctrl + Left drag up and down = Zoom
Ctrl + Right drag up and down = Zoom
Alt + Right drag up and down = Zoom
Shift + Right drag = Pan

The Ctrl key can be used as a shortcut for a checkbox option in several commands. While drawing a freeform curve or using Add pt, holding down Ctrl will place the point you click on as a corner point, same as clicking the "Make corner point" checkbox. In the Rotate and Scale transform commands, holding down Ctrl will drop a copy of an object when you click, same as checking the "Make copies" checkbox option.

Shortcuts related to Styles:

On a scene browser color swatch, Ctrl+Left click will pop up the color picker as a quick way to edit a style's color.

On a style color swatch (either in the scene browser or in the dropdown from the properties panel), holding down Shift while clicking on the swatch will assign the style to the parent object without modifying any sub-objects. The parent style is used when brand new faces are created in a solid for things like the Fillet command, when the new fillet surface is bordered by multiple different styles.

In the Edit styles dialog, right-clicking on a style works as a shortcut for selecting it and pushing the "Edit" button.

On the properties panel, right-clicking on the style line will pop up the Edit style dialog and let you edit the name and/or color of that style.

Other scene browser shortcuts:

Ctrl+click on a browser item's status icon (where the eye icon is normally displayed) will toggle Lock on or off.

When clicking on the selection dot of a scene browser item, by default only visible objects belonging to that slow will be selected. If you hold down shift while clicking on the selection dot any hidden objects belonging to that slot will be shown and also selected.