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The white elephant fears the mouse, or I get a blank white screen

This problem occurs when the shortcut key points not correct to the index.html of the nodeeditor. To solve the problem, check If the nodeeditor directory is located under e.g. Moi3.0\ui\ and you can find Moi3.0\ui\nodeeditor\index.html here. If this is o.k. check the shortcut key: moi.ui.createDialog( 'nodeeditor/index.html', 'resizeable,defaultWidth:680,defaultHeight:420', moi.ui.mainWindow ) If you renamed the nodeeditor directory to e.g. nodeeditor.v.0.85U Shortcut.png

Than your path to the index.html has to be e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Moi3.0\ui\nodeeditor.v.0.85U\index.html