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This web site is a wiki, which means you can edit it to add or update information.

To enable editing, you first need to get an account and log in, the log in link is in the upper-right corner of the page. To get an account please request one by e-mailing me at moi@moi3d.com - I had to turn off automatic account creation because of automated spam bots.

After you have logged in, an "edit" tab will show up on pages, allowing you to add or change content.

Text editing codes and creating links

When editing a page, you can enter special character codes to control different things. A couple of the basics are:

External links (to web pages outside of this wiki) can be controlled using single surrounding [ ] brackets. You can also just enter the address of the link without any brackets. Examples:

 Entering this:                                 Will produce this:
 [http://www.example.org]                       [1]
 [http://www.example.org custom display text]   custom display text
 http://www.example.org                         http://www.example.org

Internal links to other pages on this same wiki are controlled by using double surrounding [[ ]] brackets. Use a | character to control the text that will be displayed for the link. Examples:

 Entering this:                       Will produce this:
 [[Main Page]]                        Main Page
 [[Main Page|custom display text]]    custom display text

== Create a section heading by using 2 equal signs ==

To insert an image you can enter a link that starts with the Image: prefix, like this: [[Image:Filename.jpg]] and then click on it to upload the image. You can also use the "Upload file" option that appears in the toolbox area on the left side.

Creating a new page

To create a brand new page, you can either enter the name of the page in the search box on the left-side bar and push "Go", or edit an existing page and create a [[link]] to the page you want and then follow the link to create the page.

See also

For more information on editing wiki pages, see the following information on Wikipedia: