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From: Michael Gibson [#3]
 18 Aug 2019

Hi Lara, you can use the Transform > Deform > Flow command to bend a flat base shape into a circular form.

There are details on it in the help file at http://moi3d.com/3.0/docs/moi_command_reference8.htm#flow .

For bending from flat to circular it's easiest to do a curve-to-curve flow. That's where you will set up 2 curves for making the deformation, the base curve will be a straight line and the target curve will be a circular arc. Then Flow can map your object from the straight-line "backbone" to the arc backbone.

To get it symmetrical you may want to build the arc first and then make the line from that using the "UnwrapCurve" plug-in which will make a line that is the same length as the arc curve. You can find UnwrapCurve at: http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=5136.1 .

So for your case you would set up a line and and arc like this, have them placed on the same plane:

Then to perform the bending, select your flat plate main object, then run Transform > Deform > Flow. At the first prompt it will ask you "Select base curve or surface", select the line. At the next prompt for selecting the target curve select the arc. That will make a result like this:

Hope that was what you were trying to do!

- Michael


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From: christian (CHRI) [#4]
 22 Sep 2019



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