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From: Michael Gibson [#2]
 3 Nov 2017

Hi Cemortan, wow that's a lot of questions! I'm not sure that I understand them all but I'll try to give you some answers.

> 1.? make surface from a close path - i don't find a method that can make surface from a close path,
> not planar, lets say circular project on a sphere !

For a circle projected on a sphere you would use it to trim the sphere giving you the surface. And actually projection is built into the Trim command so you would probably skip the projection and just trim the sphere directly with the original circle as the cutting object.

> 2.? can i separate close path without cutting part of it ?

If the closed path is made up of multiple sub-segments you can use Edit > Separate to break it into individual segment pieces, otherwise cutting it with the Edit > Trim command is how you'd break it.

> - are any overlapping representation of points ?

Sorry I don't understand this one.

> 3.? align on surface from orto views - is it possible ?
> - cplane applied ?

Do you mean you want to relocate an object from an ortho view to be aligned to a curved surface normal? The Transform > Orient command can do that job, see here: http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=3977.2

> 4.? rotate on 3d view - found it's mostly impossible to rotate any object from 3d view, have
> to cplane, and adjust afterwards from ortos
> ! zbursh the same rotation axis -> for reference

MoI is a CAD program and isn't as focused on rotating stuff just by an eyeballed amount in the 3D view - in the ortho view you can use the edit frame rotation grip to quickly rotate an object. In the 3D view if you want to rotate around a particular line you can use the Transform > Rotate > Axis command, which lets you pick 2 points for a specific rotation axis line.

> 5.? align/snap second point for rotation in 3d view surface/slide on edge,point
> ! custom aling to camera view

Sorry I think I'd need to see what you're trying to do for this one.

> 6.? momentarily turn off snapping for object snap/straight snap same as alt do for

You can hold down Alt to temporarily turn off object snap or straight snap. Move the mouse around while Alt is still held down to move it freely without snapping.

> 7.? add single point - couldn't find the script for it - wanna use it for snapping lines to it, or others
> spapping options, found it somewhere, can't find it now

It's under Draw curve > More > Point.

> 8.? visual effect of edges
> - smaller than 1, i've tried to modify from moi.ini, no results ! other posibilites ? if i have tons of detail to make it thinner !
> - & another option will be to clip some closests edges if too much detail,

You can't go smaller than 1 pixel but there is an option you can set in moi.ini to make the antialiasing to be tighter, giving a slimmer appearance, see here:

> 9.? realtime outline diffrent color selected open surfaces - xsi have such function, i think other software have it too
> - can be for surfaces
> - for opened curves
> - for corner points // if 3 points are closed enough to make an impression that there's a corner point

Sorry no there's no function for that currently - in general I've tried to avoid putting too many special indicator colors on the screen because it can often be confusing.

> 10.? defaul bounty box move/rotate -> without needs to make more clicks
> 11.? local move/rotate/scale
> - oriented bounty box of extremes

The focus for this in MoI is on using the 2D edit frame:

> 12.? scale 2d- zbrush like, in moi can be different
> move tool either scale tool -> holding "a button" from 1'st point to second snap (ps: in zbrush is move tool)

There is a command for doing 2D scaling under Transform > Scale > Scale2D . You can also do it by holding down the Shift key while you are dragging a corner of the 2D edit frame.

> 13.? axis - intuitive axes from other packages

The focus in MoI is more on primarily using 2D curves to define most of what you're doing, it's not focused on manipulating point cages in 3D space like a polygon modeler is and so Moi has a 2D manipulator and not a 3D manipulator currently.

>14.? anchor point - default move location

There isn't a concept in MoI of a default anchor point, that's also something that is more often done in an animation program rather than a CAD program.

> 15.? paste small objects with auto-align surface - same as from library !
> - is it possible to copy(to clipboard) an object and to paste it with alignment
> to surface (bounding box) ? i've tried to make my own script for that, not enought programming experience

You might try the "PastePart" and "CopyWithOrigin" commands:

> 16.? 3 edges to close surface
> *** the way i'm doing know is selecting 2 -> loft, others 2 - network, and last one network ! lots of operations !

It depends on what your 3 edges look like, if they are all flat then use Construct > Planar for example. I'd need to see your curves to give you advice on what to use for your particular case.

> 17.? move along perpendicular line
> - ways to toggle just perpendicular line and back

You generally use Straight snap to move along a perpendicular line, you can also drag out a construction line as well.

> 18.? cplane accord selected - same as local - xy from bounding box

Sorry I don't understand this one.

> 19.? lasso points - I've found only for edges, creating extra edge -
> lasso //bla bla extensions - 8 hotkeys for it - crazy !

There isn't currently any lasso points method, you can window select points. But if you're using a lot of points it might be a sign that you're trying to model things in MoI using strategies you've used in a polygon modeler. In a NURBS modeler like MoI you should be doing more stuff with 2D curves rather than trying to move points around in 3D a lot.

> 20.? 3 points rotate - select 1'st 2 align points, select last 2 align points & voila ! // there's
> are holding button lines creating, i haven't figure it out how to work with them

Sounds like you want the Transform > Rotate > Rotate Axis command, it lets you pick 2 points to define the rotation axis, then you can either type in an angle value or pick 2 more points to define the angle.

> 21.? option hotkey for chamfer/fillet/others - well if they are ! the idea is to have an active hotkey 1 slot(prefferably costumizable) for each tool
> // lets say option key for extend, cap ends highlighted - when pressed it's switching between modes
> // loft - option key for loft style - switching with arrow keys up down or multiple pressing optional key
> // loft - switching between loft style/profile - TAB, or switch to next option menu - TAB
> // can be used for curve drawing for switch corner/arc/freeform

The overall focus for MoI is for it to be easy for someone without a lot of experience to learn, also an early focus was to make it work well on a tablet without having to use a keyboard at all. As such, it is not a focus area for MoI to rely on so many different complex keyboard manipulations like you're asking about here. It is possible to set up keyboard shortcuts to run specific commands though, see here:

> 22.? extrude tapped/dir - from keyboard, or other functions from keyboard, how to setup them

There isn't any way to set a single shortcut to run Extrude and also automatically do the Tapered option, you can set up a shortcut for the main Extrude command though.

> 23.? numpad hotkeys - how to setup them

It's covered in the help file topic for shortcut keys:

> 24.? holding 2 buttons hotkeys - c4d like, holding 1 button, pressing second for a function without restrictions just to alt/ctrl/shift

Sorry no MoI doesn't currently have a mechanism for doing a 2 keystroke shortcut like that.

> 25.? drawing curves in 3d view

You can draw curves in the 3D view, you just click the mouse there, you'll need to either snap on to an existing surface or set the cplane how you need it to control where the points are going though.

> 26.? scale 2d local - actually flattering selected with 2 point for axis

Usually flattening is done by using a corner grip with the 2D edit frame in an ortho view. But maybe you also should try the Transform > Align command.

> 27.? reset views 20% farther
> 28.? custom views - not only 3 orto-3d,1 orto-3d or othe options
> 29.? auto-join drawing curves(snapping options)

Sorry no there's not currently any way to adjust these.

> 30.? add point on edge surface
> * for fast build ups

There's a big difference in NURBS modeling from polygon modeling - the edges you see in a NURBS model are not the only part of the surface, they are often times "trim edges" which are marking areas of an underlying surface as being trimmed away. So you can't generally add a point to an edge like you'd do in a polygon modeler, the edges are markers that are living on a potentially larger surface. See here for some more description:

> 31.? are any options for sliders/buttons on 3d viewport

To do what?

> 32.? can bottom buttons from all views be removed (area/zoom/pan/reset)

Yes, there's an option in the Options dialog, under View > "Show view controls".

> 33.? camera doll ! 3d/orto

Need more information on this one.

> 34.? alternatives ways of shell - where u drop moi files to shell objects, import back ?
> * If doing in moi -> any tips what should avoid in moi to have a good shell ?

Can you give some more details on what you mean by shell?

> 35.? freezing sweep - I've noticed that sweep have a live function, can i freeze it?

That's history updating kicking in, where if you edit the inputs to some surfacing commands like sweep, revolve, loft, etc , you can then edit the input curves and the surface will recalculate. If you don't want it to happen you can turn it off by selecting the sweep result and using Edit > History > "Disable update" button, that will disable history updating for that particular object.

> 36.? matcap - is it possible to grab from zbrush? or to use other materials, to do so, what should it take look for

No, there's not currently any way to import materials into MoI.

> 37.? copy/paste without options, bounding box
> //i'm doing from hotkeys: copy/paste & it appears a bounting box

I'd need to see it to understand what you mean by this.

> 38.? overlap hide - i'm a xsi user, and there's a grouping option that can overlap the
> current state of the object ! what for overlapping !
> * lets say i have a complex model, after blocking i wanna start working on details, split
> model, and hide others, overlap others as Hide, while "Unhide All" objets overlap wont
> allow me to unhide the rest ! therefore i can work just on part that i want without needs
> to copy-paste to second moi window the model/object itself !

Sounds like you want the "Isolate" function of Edit > Hide, it's available by a right-click on the Hide button and it is covered in the help file:

With so many questions, I would recommend to look in the help file to see if your answer is there.

> 39.? undo camera - i've found the script that records the camera, BUT common and most used
> one for backtracking camera for several moves !

There is not currently an undo camera change function.

> 40.? iso curve modes change from keyboard

It might be possible to do with a script on a keyboard shortcut, which command are you referring to though?

> 41.? redraw closed curve for extrude capping - as far not the curves can be extruded in order to have cap
> ** i'm doing those manually, haven't found solution or understand why it's happening !

You'll only get automatic capping if you have a closed planar curve, if you don't get caps it means its either not closed or not planar. If you post a 3DM file with your curve in it I can give you some more information.

> 42.? convert faces to outline edges

Do you mean generate silhouettes? There is a command for that under Construct > Curve > Silhou .

> 43.? locked objects to have other color style

There's an option in the Options dialog for that, under View > Colors > "Locked objects use alternate color" - to change the color click the color swatch.

> 44.? view flipped surfaces !
> sometimes cant unify, joint unless i test flipping, any view option ?

Not currently. MoI will automatically unify normals for surfaces that are joined together though, so you should join things before exporting. Also if you make a closed solid object that will automatically orient normals outwards from the solid volume.

> 45.? options to records moves - mostly like actions from Photoshop or Mel from Maya
> // example will be 3 edges to close surface mentioned above

Not currently.

> 46.? ways to test our scripts - I've found 2 ways
> * hotkey assign all the script - might be difficult to do cut every time all new lines
> * from a file - if it's possible to refresh launched scripts without need to relaunch moi !

Disable file caching, info on the scripting wiki page: http://moi3d.com/wiki/Scripting

Hope some of this helps! It sounds like the things MoI is focused on might not be the right fit for you though.

- Michael
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