First weeked with moi

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paulo, I'm glad that you're having fun diving into using MoI!

> Ok I noticed moi still has some problems with seems, like for example when a sphere
> intersects another elment and when we try to add fillet in that area were both edges
> are intersecting. My work arround was I just rotated the shpere edge and then it
> fileted fine.

Yes, this is one of the major problems with the fillet engine in the geometry library that MoI uses - it won't make a fillet if the fillet would need to partially cross over other nearby edges that are not part of the set that is being filleted. Often times the "seam edge" of a closed surface can be situated like that, so sometimes it can definitely help to rotate a sphere or cylinder to put its seam edge away from the area that will be filleted.

> My first question is: I´m still a bit lost in the UI (yes I know its simple) but I want to
> move fast in the ui, and sometimes I´m still lost looking for the right button or the
> join button ,etc.

Probably this will get easier if you just keep at it a bit. I'm surprised you have difficulty finding the Join button - it's the very first one under the Edit tools.

> I believe I saw somewhere that with the right code you can add your own shortcuts
> (I saw that option under options) but my request is, can´t we have all the list of possible
> commands inside that shortcuts window or something so that for new users they
> don+t have to google search what is the script to run in order to join something
> and that apply that script to some shortcut?

Yes, that's something that I plan on having eventually - I'd like to totally rework the shortcut key editing mechanism and have it display a set of choices just like you're describing.

The problem is that it will be quite a bit of work to do that, and so far at least I have not been able to give that a high priority mostly because people are not often spending a whole lot of time in that shortcut key editor UI - it's basically something that you only need to go into rarely to get things set up and since it's only used rarely it's been hard to justify dedicating much time to it yet as compared to things like improving some modeling tools for example. So it is definitely one of the cruder areas of MoI, and it should get overhauled eventually.

There is a list of all the command names that you can put into a shortcut key in the help file:

You can also find that by pushing the Help button and then going to the Command Reference section, Shortcut keys link is near the bottom of the list of topics at the top of the reference section.

I would encourage you though to set up some relatively small number of shortcuts and not to try and set up a shortcut for every single individual command. MoI is specifically designed to make it easy to browse and navigate with the mouse, with not a lot of crowding and big buttons with both text and icon for all the buttons. For most people this makes it a lot easier to use the UI with the mouse - possibly you need just a little more time with it to get more comfortable with it.

- Michael