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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Playdo,

> I'm looking to hotkey it. Where can I find all of the Command names for the tools/actions?

There's a list of all command names here:

But some things set by checkboxes are not "commands" in the same sense as the Line or Boolean commands and instead need some script to toggle it on or off.

For the edit frame put the following as the command part of a shortcut key to toggle it on or off:

script: /* Toggle edit frame display */ moi.view.showEditFrame = !moi.view.showEditFrame;

But the edit frame is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible - it only has grips at the corners, no connecting lines and even those grips are semi-transparent until you move the mouse over top of on. And then in addition to that since it is a frame that goes around the outside of your object rather than right in the middle of it it does not tend to get in the way like other style gizmo/manipulators can.

Since it's has all that stuff in it to be very low profile I would recommend just leaving it enabled all the time.

- Michael