Seam lines from behing appear through surfaces

 From:  Michael Gibson
5166.2 In reply to 5166.1 
Hi Gaston, that's a display artifact that just happens normally, it's not dependent on your video card, it happens because the display engine pulls curves towards your eye point when they are drawn so that edges and curves on surfaces do not end up partially submerged or "stippled".

But as a side effect of making things not accidentally hidden when they should be displayed it can sometimes cause the reverse effect of something being visible when it should be hidden.

In the future I have some ideas to work on to try and minimize that but for now it's just a normal display artifact that should be ignored.

See here for some more information:

In general the display engine has a focus on doing things quickly rather than trying to make an absolutely perfect looking image that would take a long time to display, so it's not unusual for there to be some various glitches and artifacts like this in the real-time viewport display.

If you want to get a better looking image, you would want to use a rendering program to do that which in its rendering process will be able to do a much more detailed and also more time consuming approach rather than the "focused on doing things quickly and within the constraints of how video cards work" that the MoI display engine is targeting.

- Michael