Text on Faces of a Cube or other solid object

 From:  Michael Gibson
3708.2 In reply to 3708.1 
Hi Paul,

> I've tryied rotating the 3D image and adding text to the
> backside of a cube, but I get a inverted image.

Sorry, it's a bit difficult to know exactly what you mean - could you possibly include a screenshot or a 3DM model that shows the kind of inverted text that you're talking about?

What kind of inversion are you talking about, is it upside down? Or is it something like it's pushing inwards to the model instead of outwards?

> Is it possible to add text to each face of a cube?

Yes, there are a couple of different ways, you can set the construction plane (View > CPlane) to align to one of the cube's faces and then when you place text it will have the same alignment as the construction plane so that's one way.

Or another way is to put the text just flat on the world plane and then use the Transform > Orient command to relocate it to a face, here is a demo of that:

See here for some more info on the Orient command:

Hope that helps!

- Michael