Grouping or Blocks

 From:  Michael Gibson
3607.2 In reply to 3607.1 
Hi Sharif, in MoI v2 the scene browser can help you to work with different categories of objects more easily.

If you assign your objects a name, then it will cause that name to appear in the "Objects" area of the scene browser where you can more easily hide, show, or select that set of objects using the browser UI.

Also if you want to group objects by colored categories you can use the Styles section for that.

For some more information see here:

So those are a couple of kinds of grouping / organization type functions. I do expect to add some other kinds of grouping in the future, like one where you could set objects to select all together as a single unit when clicked on. That kind of grouping is not in MoI currently though.

- Michael