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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi John,


1. Suppose I start with a cube object. Is it possible to select just one top edge and move that edge up ot down to make a sloped top of the cube or select the top face and resize it so the cube is now a truncated pyramid?

Normally instead of trying to morph a cube into a pyramid you would instead more directly draw 2 rectangles like so:

Then select them and run Construct / Loft to generate your truncated pyramid more directly:

MoI is focused more on constructive mechanisms like this where you set up your curves and then generate your model from those curves, and not so much about starting with some other solid shape and trying to squish it into your result.

That kind of squishing workflow is more prevalent with polygon modeling programs which use a different way of representing shapes than MoI does.

Although, for the case of a box you can actually squish it in MoI if you want, because it is made up of simple untrimmed surfaces. To squish it you can select it and then turn on control points by using Edit / Show pts and then select points for the top part and scale them in.

But that kind of surface point squishing approach won't generally work once you have done booleans on objects which makes them made up of trimmed surfaces. There is some explanation of that in this FAQ question here.


2. How do you guys make those cool examples embedded in your posts that show exacty what the question/ answer is?

You mean the part that says "quote" ? To do that you write quote tags surrounding the text, like this:
<quote> stuff in here </quote>

If you mean inserting images, to do that you make a JPG or PNG image, then push the "Attachments" button and upload the image as an attachment and push the "Insert image inline" button that is available on the attachments dialog. That will then insert an <img> tag into your message which is where the image will show up. You can also just attach it and not insert it inline, that will make it show up as a thumbnail in an attachments: section at the end of your message.

The animated ones are created as animated GIF files created by a screen capture program.

- Michael