Format SAt

 From:  Didier
I'm the architect Pilou talk about ;)
I teaching in a french school of architecture.

First of all, thank you Michael for MOI, a simple but powerfull nurbs modeler !!

My wish is to use MOI in architectural process, using it for volumetric modeling, without limit, and after, import it in Revit for architectural details and building information modeling.
Revit can import volume from DXF, DWG, DGN, SKP and SAT. So the only way to work with nurbs is SAT (perhaps DWG and DGN but need Autocad or Microstation, too complex and expensive).
In Revit, the surfaces of a volume can be transformed into wall, roof or window-wall, and floors can be automaticly create in the volume. It works so fine with SKP format, but you know the shape limit ;)

I'm testing MOI with the save disabled trial version, waiting for 4 full versions I ordered (for my school), so I can't test the file format, and of course can't test the V2 beta SAT file format.

So, after two tests we did with Pilou :
Revit seems to understand all nurbs surface. Some of them cant be transformed into wall but can be inot window-wall. Perhaps some curvature limit...
Revit cant find volume (only surfaces) and so cant understand inside and outside to create floors.
I dont know if is the SAT limit, Revit import limit or MOI export limit :S

I'll continue the test...
I dont know if Revit can export to SAT to test, but I have a trial version of Rhino to create some file.
I'm waiting for the MOI registration to dowload V2 beta and test with it (french school administrative way to buy software is not an express way :D )

(Link of the french thread with file test : )