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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steve,

> I see from the "wish_list" most want version 2 to be
> equivalent to Auotocad/Rhino latest versions.

That is pretty common, there have also been a lot of requests to just clone features of other programs like SolidWorks as well. In fact, I've probably had a request to add the features of nearly every conceivable kind of 3D program into MoI, including CAM, FEA, Physics simulation, etc...

But really the wish list is more of a place that I use to just generally keep everything together. It isn't intended to be a tally of popularity.

For example, really the most frequently requested thing are some tools for organizing and managing objects, like a type of layer/grouping mechanism, etc...

I have not put every single request for those up on the wishlist, because I already know that is going to be a major focus area for v2 and it isn't something that I am likely to forget about... :)

> By the way, is there any good info on the "scripts" for MoI?

The best reference for these are Petr's MoI page here:
http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/ - he's collected pretty much all the scripts that have been posted on the forum there.

Also many of the most frequently requested ones are listed at the end of the command reference help file: http://moi3d.com/1.0/docs/moi_command_reference10.htm#shortcutkeys

Right now I do not have any proper programming documentation that explains the different MoI interfaces and how to write custom scripts. People who have done it have just learned how by looking over all the existing scripts and commands. There is kind of a basic list of things that you can get here: http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=1318.2 .

I want to provide this kind of documentation in the future, but it is a pretty big task and a separate thing from the regular "how to use MoI" documentation, I think that this kind of programming documentation won't become a major focus until maybe more like version 3.0 .

> Maybe a ref to all commands?

A complete list of all the command names is listed in the help file under shortcut keys:

But the command names are a different thing than the scripting interface - basically a command is made up of scripting calls itself, you can examine them all in the \commands subfolder underneath MoI's main program folder.

Hope this helps!

- Michael