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 From:  Mike (MIKEW)
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Thanks for the information. I was a bit too eager and went ahead and purchased the edu license for V1 before I heard back from you. I will just pay the upgrade cost after V2 is released, and still feel like I got a deal on such a great bit of software. I used the beta today and am really excited about it. I was looking at purchasing Rhino and still might consider it while I am a student, but the new import/export features make MOI a stand alone application for my workflow.

I am a graduate student at Virgina Tech, but have been in Seattle for the last semester and will be back out here for the summer.

I will look into posting some of the stuff I have been using Moi for. It is far from advanced, but Moi has already proven to be a handy tool on a number of projects that would have either taken much longer or been more frustrating with other software solutions.

I look forward to being involved with this forum and following Moi's development for years to come.

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