Feature Request (and lots of compliments)

 From:  Michael Gibson
941.6 In reply to 941.1 
Hi Daniele - the offset distance required for a particular angle and extrusion height can be calculated by this formula: Offset dist = Height x Tan( angle )

Could you maybe answer a few questions on how you'd expect a tapered extrude to work? This would help me when I get a chance to work on it.

Do you expect a positive angle to go "outwards" and a negative angle to go inwards?

I mean like a positive 18 degrees would give this:

And -18 degrees would give this:

Or is that reversed from what you'd expect?

The angle is measured with the straight extrusion direction being 0 degrees, right?

Do these things always happen on planar curves, or is there some construction that you would expect to be able to do on a non-planar curve?

Are these always done on a closed loop, or do you need to do them on some open curves like a line segment?

On things with sharp corners, how would you expect the corners to be filled in? Like for example in this situation:

Should those corners be filled in with a little round arc type piece, or should they fill in with a straight extension to make a new sharp corner there? Is it important to switch between either one of these corner methods?

- Michael