Feature Request (and lots of compliments)

 From:  Michael Gibson
941.5 In reply to 941.1 
Thanks Daniele, I'm glad that MoI is working well for you!

Yeah, one of the problems with some of those larger apps is that they've kind of just added and added and added stuff over time and don't really tend to go back and tune up the basics. So some of the really basic operations (like for example say selection) just haven't been overhauled or tuned up for the last 10 years or even longer.

There are some forces that kind of push things towards that direction - there is a kind of marketing pressure to add more features to a checklist instead of going back and redoing the basic stuff.

One big problem with this is that computers are capable of a lot more stuff now than they were 10 or 20 years ago. So software that was designed 10 or 20 years ago tends to be designed to work within a lot more limited boundaries than a more modern design would target. That affects a lot of parts of how the software works, like doing stuff in wireframe instead of shaded mode, etc...

re: Flange - this is something that I should be able to add into version 2.0, I was thinking it would be some kind of tapering option inside Extrude, or possibly a full new Tapered Extrude command. This along with extrusion to a point are on my list of stuff to add to extrusion.

For now it is possible to do it manually by doing an Offset + Move + Loft. Here is an example:

Starting with this outline:

I selected it and used Offset to make an offset curve of distance 1 to the inside:

Then I selected that new offset curve and moved it up by 1 unit in z:

Now Loft between the 2 pieces:

This one was 1 unit in and 1 unit up = 45 degree angle.

You may have some difficulty in the Loft if your offset is large enough that pieces get pinched together and trimmed such that there is a different number of segments in the Offset than in the original, if that happens you'll probably need to use Edit/Separate to break them into pieces and then do smaller lofts between 2 smaller pieces at a time to make sure stuff matches up well.

Let me see - I guess if you want to specify the angle and the extrusion distance you can calculate the required offset distance by a formula which I will calculate for you after I have breakfast.

This kind of offset + move + loft is doing the manual steps of what a tapered extrude command would do bundled up for you.

- Michael