mesh wishes for 1.X and beyond

 From:  Michael Gibson
836.2 In reply to 836.1 
Hi Jonah, thanks for your feedback! I have made a note of these for future enhancements to meshing.

Are these also in order of priority?

Out of these, it is likely that UV nesting will happen first.

Some of the other things will have various side effects that make them more complicated. For example, support for mesh objects in MoI would have a pretty big effect on workflow and expectations on being able to edit the mesh objects.

I've also had a different request to be able to flip mesh objects by clicking on them, which conflicts with your request here to use clicking for a different purpose. So things that involve user interface like this may take some time to work out.

I think the UV nesting makes sense to just have on by default, so that one doesn't have as many issues to resolve.

- Michael