Feature request

 From:  Qjet
When selecting a point, to be positioned along an axis, it would be nice to have either the CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT keys to align the point to the nearest whole number, or nearest multiple of a whole number dependant on scale (so for example you could hold alt and move something exactly 10 units to the left.

Also when your scaled out and distant from the line, holding alt will snap it to 10 (as the nearest accurate point) so you could accurately move something 1000 units.

we have the ability to do this with the dialogue boxs of course, but being able to hold shift and control it with a tablet or mouse right from the get go so quickly would be something that everyone could appreciate.

Also in the help menu, you should throw in a quick little "Key help" image that pops up when you click it, giving the user the run down of the shortcut keys. Heck there may be keys in there not even somewhat long time users of moi have heard of.

Best of luck, ill probably buy when it comes out.