How do I save a screenshot of viewport and view it.

 From:  Michael Gibson
596.2 In reply to 596.1 
Hi Rudy - in this case the 3D object data is what is stored in the clipboard. Only a 3D program like MoI will be able to interpret this data, clipbook viewer does not know how to process this kind of data itself.

The easiest way to capture your screenshot is to push the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard - this is normally somewhere in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. This will take a snapshot of the screen and put it into the clipboard as a bitmap image. Then you should be able to go to IrfanView and use Edit/Paste there to retrieve the bitmap image.

In a future version of MoI I will probably put both the 3D data as well as a bitmap screenshot into the clipboard, which would have made this work like you would expect. But I don't think I will have this for the 1.0 version.

- Michael