How do I save a screenshot of viewport and view it.

 From:  Rudy
Dear Michael, or somebody else
....Getting there little by little....MOI is simply great for my purposes, and I thank you and all of these guys that make this forum so knowledgeable.

I have another question.....

I would like to save a screenshot of this file (see attach......the actual 3D viewport as it is now).

in the 3D viewport, I hit CTRL+C, it prompt me ("select object to copy to clipboard)...and I copy it on the clipboard.

Now, I have searched on google how to get a shortcut on the desktop of the clipboard viewer, which is there now.
I have windows XP2.

I open this clipbook viewer and there is absolutely nothing there, and it says
"Clipbook viewer cannot display the information in its current view the information try pasting it into a document".

How do I do this?
I use Irfanview to open and view all my graphics....