Purchasing and Student Discount

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Alligator, from what you have described I would recommend purchasing the student version from Studica. They are totally legit, they just don't have the most refined web site (me either really though too!). There are also educational versions available at Novedge too, here: http://www.novedge.com/brands/94 . Just one note, it can take a few days for Studica to process your order sometimes, because they have a bunch of manual steps they go through like verification of the student info.

In either case send in your high school student's information, usually they want a copy of his student ID card.

> If I pay the full price, does the money go directly to the developer? Or is it a corporation?
> I'm not against paying full price when the developer has made some awesome software and
> gets the benefit directly.

If you pay full price the money does go directly to the developer (which is myself), not any big corporation but I'd still recommend just getting the educational version since you are able to do that. Then spend the saved money on food, that should last for one or two meals with two boys around, maybe .... ;) Thanks very much for the support and the offer to pay full price but really just ordering the edu version is totally fine.

- Michael