intel HD4000

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andras - definitely the Intel integrate graphics have been improving steadily over the past 5 years or so, it seems like they are still not quite up to the same performance as ATI or nVidia dedicated graphics but they're not as grossly far away as they used to be, the performance gap used to be pretty severe.

> But what is the limit of intel iGPU? How complex should the model be regarding Moi and Rhino?

It's difficult to say exactly totally in the abstract - it depends on a variety of factors including the specifics of the particular project's structure. It's not uncommon for edge drawing to be a major limiting factor which can depend on CPU performance as well.

But it does seem that the most recent Intel integrated GPUs are not as limited as previous ones as far as scene complexity.

If you know that you are going to be doing especially heavy projects it might still be an issue.

You might try to find some benchmarks that compare it with your current Geforce 310M so that you could have some comparison to what you're already using.

According to here: it puts the Geforce 310M in its lowest Class 4 group and puts the HD 4000 in the next category up from that ( , so if that's accurate if your current Geforce 310M is doing good enough for you, the HD 4000 ought to be ok as well I would think.

Of course the best way to know is to actually test it. Sometimes good hardware can also be ruined by poor driver quality as well, so again it's hard to judge things precisely in an abstract manner.

- Michael