Suppress View Controls

 From:  Michael Gibson
5624.3 In reply to 5624.1 
Hi Martin,

> Is there a script or some other option available, like holding down the shift key, to allow the
> temporary suppression or hiding of the view controls, as I sometimes find them to be covering
> a point I need to snap to?

Usually the easiest solution to that is to just pan the view a little bit so that you can then access the particular point you're trying to snap on to.

It's generally good to have the habit of adjusting the view by panning or zooming frequently and early - by which I mean the moment that you find yourself struggling to access something don't flounder around, adjust the view to solve it right away and it's even better to do it before you get into a place where you would be struggling to pick in the first place.

The main control for showing and hiding the view controls is the checkbox that Michael T shows above, and it is possible to set up a shortcut key to do it too, to do that put the following script on a shortcut key:

script: /* Toggle view controls on/off */ moi.view.showViewControls = !moi.view.showViewControls;

When you turn them back on with the script, they won't actually appear until you move the mouse again.

- Michael