Help.....question about blender use with Moi

 From:  Tom Kyler (TKYLER)
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Hey Michael, Flashfire. I'm new to these forums, but not blender. I use blender to make 3D models for Laminar Research, maker of the flight sim, X-Plane. I have imported several Moi models into Blender and though the vertex normals might be "not as exported", they do exist in Blender and can be recalculated / reset in Blender. There is a command, "recalculate normals outside" and this command straightens up all the normals...assuming no "T-type" face connections with shared verticies that is. In addition, there are some modifiers in Blender, "Edge split" that can be used to "break" shared normals between two adjacent polygons and give you sharp edges where you need it. High aspect ratio polygonal topology can cause artifacts in blender though, so I tend to tessellate with aspect ratios < 4....and adjust in blender if need be. I usually use the *.LWO to go from Moi to Blender. There is no doubt that it does take a few extra steps to "fix and clean" normals from imported geometry compared to other programs but I just wanted to let interested folks know that it can be done and blender can be used for high quality rendering.

-Tom Kyler