Reshaping form using control points?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Playdo,

> Looking good. Will the control cage be in v3 and will you be able to set
> the number of control points on the cage?

I don't know for sure yet if it will be in v3 (possibly it will, I just can't guarantee it right now though), but when I do get a chance to work on it I do want to allow you to set the number of points in the cage and for some things like a shear or taper effect just setting a minimal 4 corner points would be useful.

You can actually get some effects similar to that using Flow right now - for example here I've got an object embedded inside of a base plane, and then the target plane is constructed from a loft between the 2 curves shown highlighted:

You can then select the object that you want to "cage deform" and then run the Flow command, pick the simple base plane as the base surface and the other lofted curvy one as the target surface and it will produce this kind of deformation:

That's basically similar to using a cage deform to pinch in the sides for example.

> What would you say is the closest software solution to the flexibility of sub-d
> modelling with the benefit of booleans?

It probably is doing sub-d modeling and then using a conversion tool to convert the sub-d surface to NURBS and then doing the booleans on the NURBS after that.

For the conversion T-splines can be used for that like you mentioned and there's also a new plug-in for Modo called Power Subd-NURBS which is focused on that kind of conversion.

- Michael