Reshaping form using control points?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Playdo, yes I do want to add in a control cage deformation to MoI in the future, and actually so far in MoI v3 the major new features in v3 are for the "Flow" and "Twist" deformation tools which are already implemented in the current v3 beta release (and also included in the new v2.5 Mac OSX release as well).

You can see some various examples of MoI's Flow in action here:

And some examples of Twist here:

Flow is pretty flexible and can produce a lot of different effects like for example you can use it to do bending by doing a flow from a straight line as the base curve to an arc as the target curve. So it covers a lot of different types of deformations in that one tool.

The box control cage style editing is somewhat of a different style thing than editing surfaces directly though, it won't exactly be a replacement for polygon modeling style surface control point editing. If you want something that behaves like polygon editing you would still want to use a polygon editing program to get.

- Michael