Reshaping form using control points?

 From:  Michael Gibson
5183.11 In reply to 5183.8 
Hi Playdo,

> Is it worth me adding a vote for it in the top 5 v3 feature thread?

Yup, that's probably a good idea if you want to keep it on the radar.

> I find that with many lattice cages, they're visually obstructive. Do you have
> an idea of how you'll implement it? It would be great to hardly notice that it's
> there, but just enough to use the control points. And perhaps the connecting
> lines could be nearly transparent, or maybe the visibility could be user specified.

Probably the connecting lines would be done in the same way as the control polygon hull that you can see right now when turning on curve control points.

Those hull lines are quite faint - not only are they dotted instead of solid lines but they're also pretty translucent as well, they look like this:

- Michael