retain line information on export

 From:  Michael Gibson
5002.2 In reply to 5002.1 
Hi Val - which file format are you using and which other software are you bringing it into?

Circles and arcs are exported as smooth curves to 3DM, IGES, SAT, STEP, and AI formats.

The only format where MoI converts things into polylines itself is if you export to SKP format.

It is not possible to export smooth curves to SKP format since SketchUp does not itself have any method to represent smooth curves - SketchUp only handles polylines and not any kind of actual curved spline type objects.

So if you're exporting to SKP then that's just a fundamental limit of SketchUp.

If you're exporting to some other program using one of those other formats, then maybe the program that you are importing into is doing the polyline conversion itself, try to look for any import settings in that particular app to try and adjust that behavior.

- Michael