Backup revisited

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Gaston, yes normally the way to solve that is by saving to a different version every once in a while so you have numerous versions as different 3DM files on disk instead of only one single file.

There is a command that can help you with that called IncrementalSave:

One way to use it is to go to Options > Shortcut keys, and add in a new shortcut like maybe Alt+S and for the command name put in IncrementalSave

Then when you wanted to save to a new file push Alt+S and it will save your file to a new name with an incremented number in the name, like myfile1.3dm, myfile2.3dm , etc...

I am also interested in trying to make undos be persistent instead of being only for one modeling session. The tricky part about that is that it will probably make for a pretty large additional file that has all that information stored in it.

- Michael