Array Circular view 3D

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> It's just that I was in the array circular in the 3D view
> and was surprise that there is not a 3 points snap +
> helper lines for orient the process :)

You mean the same kind of orientation picker that the cplane is set with?

If Array Circular used that as part of its regular operation, that would have a kind of bad side effect of making it more complex to just do simple 2D circular arrays because placing that orientation widget is a somewhat more complex process than placing just a single origin point like how Array Circular works currently.

So it helps to keep Array Circular simple in operation for regular 2D uses by relying on setting the CPlane if you need to control it to a custom orientation.

> You must go out for take the CPlan and come back to the array circular :)

Once you understand that you need to set the CPlane first, you can go there first instead of trying to start up the array circular command first. Then you don't need to "come back" to Array Circular, just go to Array Circular once after you set the cplane...

> When you have seen fluent functions in another parts
> you will the same anywhere :)

Yes, but unfortunately making Array Circular default to using the orientation picker as its first step would actually make it less fluent for simple 2D use cases, since placing a single origin point is easier for those cases than placing the orientation picker.

The orientation picker being a somewhat more complex kind of interaction is more reserved for commands that are focused on orientation, like the Orient command itself, or the cplane tool.

- Michael