Array Circular view 3D

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou,

> Maybe something like
> Center + 3 points

Hi Pilou, you can get that exact same result by setting the CPlane to those 3 points.

Once your CPlane is set that will control the orientation that the circular array will use.

See this recent post for a description and animation for how to align the cplane to 3 points:

Let me know if you are having some difficulty placing the cplane how you need it and I can show you how to do it - it would help if you would post a 3DM file so I could see what situation you are having difficulty with.

It's normal that for some kinds of less frequently used situations that you may need to use the cplane tool in combination with another tool in order to get what you need. It would not really be a good approach to have a special extra icon for doing this with circular array since you can already get what you need using the cplane and adding in too many icons to the UI makes the UI become cluttered and more complex and difficult to use.

For a while earlier in v2 betas I did have the circular array tool automatically orient itself to the object the center point was clicked on like how the draw tools work, but that caused some problems because it was a bit too easy for the orientation to be surprising when snapping on to something like the corner of a box. That works better with the draw tools because with the draw tools there is another point picked after the center point and so the orientation can update when you rotate around to look at different faces of the box (the orientation of the box face pointing most towards you will be used). That did not work so well with array circular since it only uses a single point pick in it. Here is the discussion thread about this:

- Michael