controlling sweep positions

 From:  noskule
> not a complete alternative because things like objects being imported from a file or something like that

IMO this would be ok cause if something is imported it has to be already modelled in the first place, and changes should be applied there cause the idea is probably to use the imported object a serveral times/places. This also leads to the question of instances. Is it planed to implement instances?

I did read the thread about multi document window. So the arguments was more in regards to gui-usabillity but there's also the point of the modelling workflow. Lets say I have an imported object which I use in several models. At some point I my have to modify it to adapt it to something. So it would be nice if I could open the source of the instance/source-file in a second window and edit it.

> techniques for repairing holes

This helps alot, thanks for the hint.

~ nos