shortcut assignments

 From:  Michael Gibson
3808.7 In reply to 3808.6 
Hi Rich, yeah that's a new feature in v3 that you can assign shortcuts to the numpad separately from the main keyboard number keys. So there are these new key names you can use for that:

  Numpad0  Numpad1  Numpad2   ...   Numpad9
  Numpad*  Numpad+  Numpad,   Numpad-  Numpad.  Numpad/

However, there is one bug with it - v2 does not understand these key names and if you launch v2 and it reads the same moi.ini file as v3, it will read in all the keyboard shortcuts but will throw out these numpad ones which it does not understand. And then when it shuts down it will write the keyboard shortcuts back out again so if you open up v2 at some point it will have a side effect that you will lose these numpad key shortcuts.

I'm going to fix that up at some point here so that v3 will use a separate section of the moi.ini file to store these shortcuts that v2 does not understand but until then you may want to make a backup of your moi.ini file so that you can easily restore it if you happen to run v2 and it wipes out your numpad shortcuts. You can find where the moi.ini file is by going to Options > General and push the "Edit .ini file" button - the dialog that pops up has the location of the moi.ini file displayed.

- Michael