Want to make this in NURBS

 From:  abhayvir
Hi everyone!

I made this model with sub-D modeling. Most of the details are achieved using maps (bump/ displacement). This is the first time I am trying to make this in NURBS. I've a demo version of MOI and am using it to learn the software as well as NURBS techniques.

Can anyone please help me by creating a tutorial (even if its a short one).

As you can see (attached file), I know how to start the process but it becomes difficult after the basic curves are drawn. Especially the face and the back as they are curved in all 3 axis.

My main problem areas are:

#1- Ho do I create the curved top face and the bottom panel in one go. (Right now I use a combination of sweep, boolean-merge and trim functions)
#2- Cant weld the surfaces together after creating them separately (the faces with the side body walls).
#3- Cant fillet the grooves after the surface is created, the back battery panel and the top screen edge (I do that at the curve creation step).

I've attached the files if anyone can help.




P.S. Would appreciate if someone can point me to some good rapid prototyping sites. I want to create a dummy of this model later.