quick select 'Unnamed' objects

 From:  Michael Gibson
3131.2 In reply to 3131.1 
Hi Matt,

> Is there any way of, in a complex scene, to select all
> the Unnamed objects?

It's possible to set up a script on a keyboard shortcut that will do this.

To set it up, go to Options > Shortcut keys and add in a new entry. Use whatever trigger key you want (maybe U for "unnamed"?) and then for the command part paste in the following:

script:var gd = moi.geometryDatabase; gd.deselectAll(); var objects = gd.getObjects(); for ( var i = 0; i < objects.length; ++i ) { var obj = objects.item(i); if ( obj.name == '' ) { obj.selected = true; } }

Then when you hit that key you should end up with only all the unnamed objects selected.

One note - this version will not select any hidden or locked objects, those will remain hidden or locked. It would be possible to make the script show or unlock objects as well though if you wanted.

- Michael