V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.8 In reply to 2843.3 
Hi Burr, re: ConnectPoints, I can't seem to repeat any problem with it over here...

Did you copy over both the .htm and .js files for the command?

The link to the .zip is here if you need it:

I tried launching it both by setting up a keyboard shortcut (which should have just "ConnectPoints" as the command part of the shortcut) and also by typing in <tab> ConnectPoints <enter> and both seem to be fine over here.

Maybe double-check what you have set as your keyboard shortcut - do you have something like "script:ConnectPoints", or "ConnectPoints.js", or something slightly off like that? Those will make errors - you'll need to have just a plain "ConnectPoints" as the command part of the shortcut key for this one.

- Michael