V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.7 In reply to 2843.3 
Hi Burr, re: ConnectPoints

> In the ini file Connect Points is written as COnnectPoints
> but it seems to launch the command.

Actually by default there is nothing in the moi.ini file for "ConnectPoints" - if you have something in there it was probably a keyboard shortcut that you had added previously? If so then that's just your own typo with the COnnectPoints part... :) Just go to Options / Shortcut Keys and edit it if you want to correct it.

> At the moment it doesnt seem to be working but I overwrote the
> new one with the one I used to have as I didnt know it was included
> (odd it didnt prompt me that I was overwriting it too).

Actually the command files are not included - but if you had previously set up a keyboard shortcut, then the shortcut will still be there in the moi.ini file.

I'll give it a test and see if I can repeat any problems over here.

- Michael