V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
2843.5 In reply to 2843.2 
Hi FlashFire,

> Well I like the new beta :)
> But I tried out the rebuild curve script and get
> a Line 80 Column 1: error :(

Hmmm, that's strange - I just installed it and tried it now and it seems to work fine over here...

One thing to note - that RebuildCurve script is a custom command that is installed by copying it into the \commands sub-folder.

When you get a new beta, it installs into a new folder and so you need to copy the RebuildCurve script to the new beta's \commands sub-folder to get it set up for the new beta as well.

Maybe try following the installation instructions for RebuildCurve again (from here, and see if that helps.

- Michael