V2 beta Aug-8-2009 available now

 From:  tyglik
2843.31 In reply to 2843.1 
Hi Michael,

>> Implemented new lighting engine.

Excellent! I like it. Shiny pastel-like color surfaces - it is so cute.

>> Updated SAT export - closed surfaces are now split into 2 joined half pieces

It won't apply in case of writing the analytic surface (i.e. moi.ini WriteAnalyticSurfaces=y), will it?

>> some additional ways to control keyboard behavior

Many thanks!
I added a few .js files with proper text within it (e.g. moi.command.execCommand( 'BooleanDifference' ) or moi.geometryDatabase.lock();) into the scipts directory and put the file name the same as an alias I want to use (e.g. bd.js). Now I can trigger the command BooleanDifference by typing bd<space>. Very nice!
I only had to discard a one-letter keyboard shortcuts like Space and B (or any other shortcut letter which was the first letter one of aliases) since they seemed to have priority.

>> Things are getting very close to being wrapped up for the MoI v2.0 final release

There is still no command prompt for Show pts command when running command without preselection like I mentioned many months ago... and I think the options dialog window section "View" needs sorting a bit (Import/Export section sets a good example). It looks quite chaotic after you added a couple of new (more or less related) buttons and checkboxes in a reckless manner ;)