Jewelry design tutorial

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Do you have any plans regarding the evolution of the forum ? Maybe this one is not
> currently used to it's full possibilities...
> Just a few personal thinkings... ;-)

I did actually strip out some things from this forum like smiley stuff, etc.. I didn't really like the UI for it so I kind of stripped it down to bare bones.

Eventually I would like to add more to the forum, but I've actually been quite happy with how it is working out so far - one big issue with a more popular forum like phpbb is that it is much more targeted by spammers. I've been really happy that I haven't had to worry about that part so far with this forum (keep your fingers crossed).

That's actually a pretty big issue for me because I'd rather be spending time answering messages on the forum rather than administering it and cleaning off spam.

It will probably be a while before I'll be able to spend any effort on any changes here though. Except adding some different sections would be easy but it still doesn't quite seem to be at a critical mass yet where that is necessary.

- Michael