Jewelry design tutorial

 From:  Jesse
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Hi Michael,

I can see the pitfalls of the forum becoming compartmentalized,
which could make the information less accessible.

As I alluded to in my other post today,
I really like the simplicity of the Rhino Newsgroup.
There's a good group of core members who are sociable and friendly,
which can make for some very interesting reading on OT subjects,
but for the most part, it's a no-nonsense source of information and support.

Perhaps as you suggest -to have links to particular subjects such
as a gallery or tutorial section, but not to split up the messages.
For now, letting the MoI forum grow "organically" seems to be working just fine.

I can also see that as Schbeurd suggests, as it gets bigger it might
need to be organized in some fashion, but I hope it will be in keeping
with the minimalist, but user friendly and design-efficient MoI motif.