Jewelry design tutorial

 From:  Jesse
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Hi Schbeurd,

I'm glad that you've been able to pick up some techniques from my tutorial

It's funny, it's difficult for me to learn from tutorials, maybe my attention
span isn't so good when it comes to reading about technical things.
I like the movie format more than a written tutorial and a short movie is even better...
That's why I decided to break it into two brain cells only absorb a little at a time! :-)

I owe just about everything I know about surface modeling to the Rhino newsgroup.
I've asked a lot of questions and gotten a lot of help from other Rhino users
as well as the tech support team. I also find it very helpful to work with the
models they upload to the group, (most of which are not jewelry related problems and solutions).

In fact, I need to go back to the newsgroup "classoom" because I have not
been keeping up with Rhino 4 as much as I should be.

You've brought up an issue that I had been thinking about..and I agree with you.

Although, I did intend the second tutorial to be on an intermediate level,
I know new users of MoI will also be interested, I should have put more detail
into the area that you mentioned. I actually realized it at the time I was writing it,
but I guess I got lazy towards the end! :-) Thanks for keeping me on my toes!
I'll edit it and replace it with a new one when I upload the second part.

But first, I have to write the second part. :-)