Quick tutorial - How to make an helix or spiral curve

 From:  tyglik
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Hi Pilou,

>>Curious that you obtain a perfect helix with an arc!
>>(see my previous posts and my little disappoinment with the "arc":D
>>I will study your method :)

No, no Pilou. I only wanted to point a potential problem out when you use a segmented helix for sweeping.
Segmented curve, I mean it is possible to separate the helix to the individual turns.
There isn't any other stand-alone helix in the picture except the helix round the origin!

>>But how do you draw the first "spiral" ?

Do you mean the helix round the origin?
It was created using bernard-jonah's method.
- create one turn of helix (8 + 4 points - Throughpoints - Trim ends)
- copy it three times
- join all turns (select, Edit/Join)

But, it doesn't matter. The segmented arc-helix result in the same trouble.