Some architectural renderings...

 From:  rhodesy
Thanks peeps, hoping to incorporate MOI more and more, I think the key will be getting style export for .obj then there should be no looking back! Although I do worry a bit about moi's handling of larger projects. It can slow down quite a bit when there are a lot of lines in a scene which is often the case when importing architectural drawings, even when they are switched off in the viewport it seems. I do adjust the mesh angle but that will only go so far I think, the trouble with architectural work is that it works on contrasting scales with small detailed bits in a large building. Are there any plans to handle these larger files better or is that the price you pay when working with nurbs? I've never really used rhino apart from playing with the trial version, but i know people use that for some large projects - how does rhino cope with loads of imported lines and detailed but large projects?

Cheers and thanks again for the positive feedback.