Make the browser wider?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2580.2 In reply to 2580.1 
Hi Tony - I had meant to put something in for controlling the width in the .ini but I forgot...

Right now the width is controlled in a kind of hacky way, but it is possible to tweak it.

If you open up BrowserPane.htm, there is a <div> tag in there that is the first child of the <body>, the width is currently controlled by the content of this div, it currently says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - add some more A letters inside of that one to make it get wider.

At the very least I'll be making this into a moi.ini setting for setting this width, probably as a "number of letters" value rather than pixels, so that it will stay proportional to the overall UI scale (the one set in Options / General / UI scale).

- Michael