Moi3D V2 beta test

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ralf, yup that is cool that it works!

One thing that I have focused on with MoI is to make it efficient so that it can run well on older and slower machines, or on machines that have pretty modest 3D video hardware. For example MoI will actually run on a machine with a GeForce1 or Radeon 7000 card (of course on older cards the model density needs to be limited to be more simple though).

This sort of thing also tends to help out with heavy scenes on a faster/newer computer as well.

But I would definitely recommend adjusting the display to be coarser like I mentioned previously - it really cuts down on the amount of memory that is used for heavy models.

It is cool that you can get up to 3.62 GB, but that is getting really very close to the maximum amount that is currently possible for MoI to allocate, since it is a 32-bit program. So if you want to do any other operations to your model instead of only view it, you'll probably need to have it somewhat less full than that so that there is some space available for any other additional calculations or processing that you want to do.

Thanks very much for your comments and for testing MoI v2!

- Michael