From:  Michael Gibson
2511.20 In reply to 2511.18 
Hi Jesse, hmmm that is an odd one.

Sounds like it may be some kind of bug in the forum, I have not seen that before though.

You might try clearing cookies in your browser, and also try this link which clears out some other possibly cached forum stuff:

Also at the top of the topic list on the left side pane of the forum, there is a View: option, is that set to "View: All discussions" when that happens, or is it possibly set to something else.

The way it is supposed to work is that it should get marked as read after you just click on it one time, it shouldn't be necessary to do that "Mark as read" thing.

Let me know if it continues after clearing cookies, maybe there is something messed up in the database that is not letting the read status for you to get updated properly.

- Michael