Problems when saving... MOI crashes

 From:  Michael Gibson
250.3 In reply to 250.2 
So there are at least 2 bugs here - one is that MoI could get stuck in an infinite loop when trying to read a mangled file, such as one that was partially written. I have fixed this one for the next beta.

The other one is harder to track down, some bug in one of the booleans generated an invalid mangled object, which then caused save to crash. This is more difficult to pinpoint, because the actual bug happened before the save.

If you happen to know which objects were most recently booleaned before things went wrong, that could be helpful in tracking this down.

Also, after a crash there should be a crash report file generated inside your MoI directory under \Program Files, these will be named,, etc.. if you can e-mail these to me at that could be useful too.

- Michael