Quad Mesh Output?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ken, unfortunately an "all quad" mesh output is a much different problem to solve.

I do want to give it a try in the future, but it will take a very different approach than MoI's current meshing method.

Basically to get all quads would require tiling any areas that currently generate n-gons into a whole bunch of smaller quads that are not necessarily aligned with the underlying UV grid of the surfaces, it would be a totally different approach to how to generate the mesh.

There has been some previous discussion and illustrations on that here:

However, if you want to do some deformation of a MoI model in ZBrush, you don't really need to have "quads only" to make that work, that is only really required in ZBrush if you want to do additional subdivisions of a sub-d type model that you have imported into ZBrush.

To get good results in ZBrush from your MoI model what you need is to export a finely diced up mesh that has small polygons all of a similar uniform regular size, regardless of whether they are quads or triangles.

You can use the "Divide larger than" setting in MoI to help generate such a mesh out of MoI which will then work well with ZBrush, basically the key thing is to produce a dense enough output directly from MoI and don't attempt to do a global subdivision in ZBrush instead.

Also ZBrush does not handle n-gons completely properly so make sure you use the "Output: Quads & Triangles" option when exporting from MoI to an .obj file, instead of the default "Output: N-gons".

Here is a thread with some examples in it of how to set up the output from MoI to work well with ZBrush:


- Michael