Topmod to Moi/ Patch obj

 From:  Michael Gibson
2277.2 In reply to 2277.1 
Hi Michael,

> As far as i googled this is a bunch of nurbs patches in an
> .obj file. Are there any future plans to read this kind of
> .obj files directly?

So far I have not really had plans to do that... There are only a very small handful of programs that will write this kind of data to an .obj file. Implementing a file import mechanism tends to be quite a bit more work than doing an export mechanism.

> But unfortunately moi freezes with larger files (10 mb and above).

Often times the joining procedure will take some time to finish. MoI will appear to be frozen (something which I want to fix up) but most likely it is just crunching away working on figuring out how to join the surfaces into a solid and if you let it set for 10 or 20 minutes or so it should eventually finish.

There are a couple of things that you can do to help speed up large file processing.

One thing is to lower the display mesh resolution, by default it is set to make a pretty dense mesh to get a smoother looking display but when you have a large number of surfaces the dense mesh can take a while longer to calculate and also consume quite an awful lot of memory. To reduce the display mesh to be coarser, go to Options / View, and under "Meshing parameters", set "Mesh angle" to 20, and uncheck the box for "Add detail to inflections".

The other thing you can do is to turn off the joiner. In v2 this is an option under Options / Import/Export / IGES options / Join surfaces on import. If you uncheck that then MoI will not attempt to join surfaces into solids, that procedure can often actually take the bulk of the import time.

I am planning on doing some tune-ups to v2 that will make large file imports work more smoothly so that MoI does not appear to be frozen while it is working on them.

- Michael